Executive Search OnBoarding.

50 % of all executive placements fail.
Because it's done wrong.

What's the situation.

Finding and hiring the ultimate right ONE is demanding and complicated BUT: it's only half the battle.

The crucial point is the successful rootage of the transplanted executive.

Everybody responsible rightly expects such a highly-paid manager to be able to implant himself into the organisation. But it often takes far too long until the horsepower reaches the street or it fails completely. First disconnects appear, employees and peers observe from a distance and don't follow the new one consequently, first successes stay away, he pushes the pedal but the momentum stalls and he finds himself more and more isolated.
But he has to cope with it by himself.

Neither does he ask for help - he still is a top guy - nor does anyone offer to help him. With the amount he earns he will have to manage on his own.
The next step is either an exit or, even worse, a mean executive establishes himself with only moderately motivated staff and permanent moderate results and is eventually replaced years later.

What I do.

I find and acquire the "right one" AND resolve the deadlock in the new executive's warm-up phase and accelerate it significantly.

First I pierce through to the requirements of the job, including all hidden issues and the true, informal expectations to the new one.

Then I do not rely on a database but on the deep trust of executives connected with me thanks to more than 20 years of collaboration and on the experience of their actual abilities and values. I can judge with real depth who is suitable for which position and then I find and convince the right one.

AND: I also take responsibility for the successful rooting. I remain a sparring partner, a devil's advocate, coach and catalyst all the way into the performing phase. That is the crucial point.
Guaranteed and without additional costs.

My Playground.

  • only ICT - only in D - A - CH

What´s your benefit.

A performing executive, permanently generating good results, versus high cost for the golden handshake and re-headhunting, internal and external loss of time and reputation because of a repeated replacement.