Management Team Acceleration.

They collaborate well and are aligned.
You wish!

The reality is: It's a group of lone warriors.
Take a look at your own relationship with your peers.
That's nothing bad but it's reality.
And that's where you have to start from.

Management Team Acceleration.

Acceleration of a group of lone warriors in one direction with maximum output, plenty of enthusiasm and ultimate energy release.

What I do.

I bring issues to the surface, pick up every stake-holder, call things what they are, ease the tension, stabilise the interaction and release unexploited energy.
No smooching. No war. Just good, solid fusion.
Also stabilising individuals of the team and getting them to perform again quickly (see also Executive Sparring Coaching Counselling)

What´s your benefit.

  • Pressure release - less micro-management and adjustments of individuals
  • No more mutual finger-pointing
  • Intended course correction finally becomes reality
  • Permanently good results AND reliable statements and forecasts
  • Stabilising your own position - enhancement of your standing